#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Irina Sherstneva

Photo made available by the singer
My name is Irina Sherstneva. I'm from Russia. Type of my voice is a lyric soprano.

Belvedere Singing Competition is one of the most famous competitions in the world. To take part in competition of such level is a great honor for novice singer. Belvedere Competition gives opportunity to opera singers to reveal their talent in front of a refined European audience. Any competition is an ordeal for singer, which helps him to rise to the next stage of his skill. I hope that Belvedere will give me a lot of wonderful emotions and will become a good beginning of my opera career.

My dream is to become a good singer. I want to comprehend the secrets, which are incorporated in the works of great composers and to interpret them in the best way. I want to bring joy to people by my performances.

I wish good luck and inspiration to all participants of the Belvedere Singing Competition.

Best regards
Irina Sherstneva, 
Soprano, Russia

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