#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Jiuchen Li

Photo made available by the singer
Hello Belvedere, my name is Jiuchen Li and I am a Bass from China(VR).I'm looking forward to the tournament in Germany. I am sure it will be an enriching experience for me as a singer, and I am excited ,because this is the biggest game I participated in.Music is my passion and I hope that I can transmit that to you through my singing.

I chose to take part in the Belvedere Singing Competition, it being a great opportunity to measure my singing with that of the best talents in the world. I can additionally learn a lot from the experience of singing in front of such a highly prestigious jury.

My most ardent desire is to live a life filled with music, and be able to move people with my singing. I dream of a career on stage, and I am working hard to fulfil that dream of becoming a great artist.

I am looking forward meeting you all there.


Jiuchen Li, Bass, China

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