#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Jessica Ng

Photo made available by the singer
I'm Jessica Ng, a lyric-coloratura soprano. I'm participating in the Belvedere Singing Competition 2014 because it is a shining opportunity to challenge myself as a performer. My dream is to be able to sing and perform my whole life!

Jessica Ng, Soprano, United Kingdom


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Ekaterina Mikhailova

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My name is Ekaterina Mikhailova. My voice is Soprano. I was born in Kaliningrad and studied there at the music college. 

Now I am student of the Moscow Academy of Choral Art. 

For me it´s very important to participate in this competition, because I want to get new professional knowledge, communicate with colleagues and increase my stage experience. 

Music is my life and I'm really looking forward to this challenge.

Ekaterina Mikhailova, Soprano, Russia


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Katerina Bogacheva

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Hi everyone! My name is Katerina, I am from the Olympic city of Sochi, Russia.

I'm very pleased to participate in the 33rd International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition in 2014, this is such a large and significant competition for singers from all around the world.

I hope that this competition will be a milestone in my life and 
will help me reach a new stage of the development in my singing career.

Also, it gives the opportunity to meet many interesting people.

I'd like to say, Good luck to all participants!

Katerina Bogacheva, Soprano, Russia


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: lasha Sesitashvili

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I am lasha Sesitashvili from Georgia.

I participate at the Belvedere Singing Competition because I think that it is required for singer's creativity and I want to make good success in my career.

My ardent desire is to be a very strong artist and singer.  

lasha Sesitashvili, Baritone, Georgia


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Anna Shaytanova

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My name is Anna Shaytanova, I'm a forth-year student at Russian Gnesin Music Academy, my professor is Nina Terentieva.

Belvedere – one of the most prestigious competition in the world. Participation in this competition - it's a dream and a challenge for any professional young singer.

What is my dream? Since childhood, I realized that music - my calling. I left my native Kostroma for studying in Moscow and learning from the greatest masters. And I hope that participation in Belvedere will give me the impulse to the development of my professional career and will help my dreams come true.

Меня зовут Анна Шайтанова, я студентка 4 курса РАМ им. Гнесиных класса Терентьевой Нины Николаевны.

Belvedere — один из самых престижных конкурсов мирового масштаба. Участие в этом конкурсе — мечта и вызов для любого профессионального молодого вокалиста.

Какова моя мечта? Я с детства поняла, что музыка — моё призвание. Из родной Костромы я поступила в Москву для того, чтобы учится у мастеров и очень надеюсь, что участие в Belvedere даст мне нужный толчок для развития моей профессиональной карьеры и претворит мои мечты в жизнь.

Anna Shaytanova, Mezzo-Soprano, Russia

#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Olga Kukunina

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Hello my name is Olga, this year I graduate from the Moscow state University of culture and arts majoring in Opera singer.

I want to take part in competition of vocalists Belvedere 2014 because Belvedere is one of the most prestigious competitions of young singers.

My biggest dream is to make a successful career as an Opera singer.

Olga Kukunina, Mezzo-Soprano, Belarus

#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Lyuba Tatevosyan

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Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Lyuba Tatevosyan, I am a russian-armenian soprano. I graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University in 2010, actually I am a student at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, so I can sing and express my feelings in 5 languages: italian, french, english, russian and armenian.  

Singing is the sense of my life, the main aim for me is to be on stage and to transfer emotions to other people. I try to do it the way I feel and how I perceive what the composer had created. The Belvedere Singing Competition gives us a great opportunity to be heard by professionals from all over the world. It will certainly be an enriching experience for me as a singer.

Music allows us to cross all types of barriers in the society. This fact certainly attracts me as an artist. I want to be heard and understood by many people no matter of what race or religion they are. That is why I am eager to sing and become a part of the great world of opera.  

Yours faithfully,

Lyuba Tatevosyan, Soprano, Russia

#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Nino Nadiradze

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I am Nino Nadiradze and participate at the Belvedere Singing Competition because I want to make one more step forward to success. 
My ardent desire is to be a famous opera singer and good artist. Thank you.

Nino Nadiradze, Soprano, Georgia

#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Ruben Shushardzhan

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Dear sirs!

I am Ruben Shushardzhan and have 2 higher educations. I'm opera singer and also have doctor's degree in medicine. I like my both professions very much.
I am the winner of several Vocal Competitions, including the International Vocal Competition named after A.Ivanov in 2011.
I have prepared three opera parties and  have an experience of successful performances in different countries, including performances with a symphonic orchestra. In 2013 it was a successful debut of mine at the Saratov Opera House in the Party of Venetian Guest  (Rimsky-Korsakov, opera "Sadko").
It is an honour  to participate at the Belvedere Singing Competition 2014, because it is one of the most important and famous Vocal Competitions over the world which gives good opportunity to  young talanted singers to make an international career.
Frankly my most ardent desire is to win the Belvedere Singing Competition 2014 and become the soloist of Vienna Opera House.
Let me wish all the best to organizers and participants of the Belvedere Singing Competition 2014.
Ruben Shushardzhan, Bass-Baritone, Russia

#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Lucrezi Drei

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I am Lucrezia and participate at the Belvedere Competition because I would like to start singing also out of Italy.

I want to sing Opera beacuse I love singing, I love Opera and I want to instill my feelings and the universal feelings of the characters, through my voice, to the people. I aim for a singing technique witch permits to express clearness of text and fullness of intentions. I would like to make the audience really understand what Opera wants to say.

Lucrezi Drei, Soprano, Italy

#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Francesco Toso

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Hi. my name is Francesco Toso. I am baritone. I were born in Rovigo. I am qualified in clarinet and lyric song. I have studied with the soprano Mara Zampieri, with the legendary bass-baritone Tom Krause in Salzburg and now I study with the great baritone Bruno Praticò. 
I sing above all the bright repertoire (Rossini, Donizetti especially) and the French work. 
I have decided to enroll me in the contest Gabor because it is a very important contest and organized well. my grandfather was Austrian, I know well the austria and I have many friends that live us.I have won the international contest Antonio Salieri and Concorso Bellini in Paris.

Francesco Toso, Baritone, Italy