"Mit den Wiener Fans zum Finale am 6. Juli 2014 nach Düsseldorf in die Deutsche Oper am Rhein"

Der Internationale Hans Gabor Belvedere Gesangswettbewerb geht neue Wege. 

Die Finalrunden des 33. Treffens junger
Künstler aus der ganzen Welt finden heuer in Düsseldorf statt. 

Die Wettbewerbs-Leitung, Isabella Gabor und Holger
Bleck, freut sich über die neuen Perspektiven und auch darüber, dass die Wiener Fans beim Finale am 6. Juli 2014 in der Deutschen Oper am Rhein dabei sein werden.

Infos und Buchungen mit elitetours.at 


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Bonnie Cooper

Photo made available by the singer
Hello Belvedere People! I'm a Canadian soprano, who studied in England and now lives in Spain! I'm looking forward to the competition, to hear the singers and learn from them, to introduce myself to the world stage and sing for the judges. My most ardent desire is to be a member of a professional ensemble and bring opera's marvelous stories to life for audiences everywhere!

Bonnie Cooper, Soprano, Canada

#Belvedere2014 - NEW: qualifying round in Beijing

Welcome to our new partner for qualifying rounds, the China Conservatory in Beijing.

Singers (males/females) of all nationalities are invited to enter the competition in this qualifying round as well. 

Information, conditions and registration on belvedere-competition.com.

1st prize winner 2013, Dong-Hwan Lee: Ja, der Preis ist eine sehr große Ehre für mich

Dhong-Hwan Lee via Facebook
Bariton Dong-Hwan Lee, Wettbewerbs-Sieger in Amsterdam 2013: „Ich bin sehr froh über diesen 1. Platz, da ich durch ihn beispielsweise die Möglichkeit bekommen habe, im Covent Garden in London und in der Deutschen Oper in Berlin bald mein Debüt zu feiern. Im Covent Garden werde ich im September der Spielzeit 2014/15 Giuseppe Verdis „Rigoletto“ interpretieren.  Ja, der Preis ist eine sehr große Ehre für mich.“ 

Zitat aus dem Interview mit Dong-Hwan Lee in der Augsburger Allgemeinen Zeitung / Abbildung: Die Hausbewohner des Sängers in Augsburg gratulieren Dong-Hwan Lee. 


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Baurzhan Anderzhanov

photo made available by the singer
Hi my name is Baurzhan and I am from Kazakhstan. I participate at the Belvedere Singing Competition 2014, because it's very interesting for me. My most ardent desire for my life and career is, to be good a man, to help people and to make good things.

Baurzhan Anderzhanov, Bass-Baritone, Kazakhistan

#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Leila Sherzai

photo made available by the singer
I am striving for truth, beauty and goodness and find this especially in music which is a part of my life. Thus, I cannot imagine a life without music and without singing. 

It is a big honor for me to participate in this incredible International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition with such a high level of performance, where I believe the best of the best will compete. I cannot wait until the moment when I will be able to show off my talent and learn a lot of new things as well as being able to engage in a new experience. 

I see my future in music and want to become a professional musician. My biggest dream is to learn how to sing on such a high level where the audience won't judge me from a technical aspect such as the technique of voice leading or sound production but rather understand the message that I am trying to relay by singing.

Leila Sherzai, Soprano, Ukraine


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Lisa Koroleva

photo made available by the singer
My name is Lisa Koroleva, soprano.

The Belveder Competition 2014 is a great possibility for singers to represent themselves to the international jury, to hear and to be heard. 

I wish to live a happy life with my family and continue my growth as a musician and perfomer. I would be honoured to have a possibility to perfom in opera companies world-wide and share my fascination and happiness with audience and colleagues.

Lisa Koroleva, Soprano, Russia

#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Astghik Khanamiryan

photo made available by the singer
My name is Astghik Khanamiryan, I come from Armenia and live in Austria for 6 years. I have studied music and and my dream is to become an opera singer. I know this competition for many years, have already participated several times, but without success. This time, I am well prepared. 
I hope it will be better now and want to be the one who deserves to reach her ​​destination.

Astghik Khanamiryan, Soprano, Armenia


forumopera.com: Ces dernières étapes seront ouverts au public à l’opéra de Düsseldorf

Concours de chant prestigieux s’il en est, l’International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition verra les étapes finales de sa 33e édition se dérouler à Düsseldorf du 1er au 6 juillet prochains. Pour la première fois de son histoire, ces dernières étapes seront ouverts au public: les 1er, 2, 3 et 4 juillet au Robert Schumann-Saal - Museums Kunstpalast (« pass day » 10€) et le 6 juillet à l’opéra de Düsseldorf (billet à 20€ ou 30€ selon la catégorie choisie). 
Comme l’an passé, Forum Opéra fera partie du jury de la presse internationale. 
Christophe Rizoud, forumopera.com


Pretty Yende, Winner of all main prizes 2009: on 15 March in „Great Voices“ at the Konzerthaus Vienna

Pretty Yende in "Die Bühne" Ausgabe 2/2014, Österreich: 

Beim Belvedere-Wettbewerb 2009 in Wien war sie die große Siegerin. Sie gewann den ersten Preis in den Sparten Oper und Operette, den Preis der internationalen Medienjury sowie den Publikumspreis. 

Dieser Tag war, wie sie erzählt, ein Wendepunkt in ihrem Leben, denn der Jury gehörte der Besetzungsdirektor der Mailänder Scala an, der sie sofort an die Scala-Akademie engagierte, wo sie drei Jahre land bei Mariella Devia studierte, Proben und Aufführungen besuchte, aber auch selbst schon auf der Bühne stand, als Barbarina, als Berenice in Rossinis L´occasione fa il ladro, als Norina in Don Pasquale sowie als Musetta… der ganz große Durchbruch aber gelang ihr Anfang 2013 in New York. 

"Weihnachten stand vor der Tür … als mich mein Manager anrief und sagte … könntest du dir vorstellen, Le Comte Ory zu singen… als Debüt an der Met …"

Pretty Yende singt am 15. März im Wiener Konzerthaus.

IOCO - Kultur im Netz

"IOCO - Kultur im Netz" supports the International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition as media partner and shares NEWS@BLOG, the competition blog, on its website. Thanks a lot for this! 


Soprano Yu Guanqun, 1st prize winner 2008, sings at Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts 2014

Voices of Brilliance
by Yu Guanqun, Zhu Huiling & Shenyang (China)

From the ranks of today’s foremost operatic stars, three of China’s top young singers come together to showcase their vocal prowess as they take on a programme of Western operatic favourites including Cosi fan tutte, Carmen, Don Giovanni and Faust, and Chinese art songs such as I Live by the Headwaters of Yangtze River, Homesickness, How Could I Not Miss herand more.
Soprano Yu Guanqun was the First Prize winner at the International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition... (more)


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Max von Luetgendorff

photo made available by the singer
I am a young, ascending Tenor who wants to sing, sing, sing!

I participate at the Belvedere Singing Competition 2014, because this contest is an event with high reputation; many great singers sang there and especially today young people need opportunities like this one to be heard. When I read the homepage I really was humbled by the many great artists that took part in this competition. One of them is Peter Edelmann, who now is teaching at the University of Music and performing Arts in Vienna from which I graduated. I really hope that this competition is a chance for me to start a career of singing and joy... for this is what I really hope for.

My most ardent desire ...for my life ...for my career is to sing. To express myself on stage, to be an artist! To be able to sing the roles I am dreaming of, to make that music which fascinated me even as a child. I hope that I might live my dreams and be succsessfull doing so.

Max von Luetgendorff, Tenor, Austria


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Jonathan Winel

photo made available by the singer
I am a New York City born tenor who was fortunate to be brought up by parents who loved the arts. At the early age of 8, I was taken to operas, Broadway shows and museums. My love for singing grew to the point where I knew I wanted a career in opera.

Having just moved to Berlin in September, 2013, being part of such a prestigious competition as the Belvedere Singing Competition, gives me the opportunity to gain exposure in other parts of Europe and around the world.

My greatest desires are to spend life with my beautiful wife, mezzo soprano, Ayse Ozkan, to have an international opera career as a leading tenor and to share music with the world.

Jonathan Winell, Tenor, New York City


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Jie Yin

photo made available by the singer
I am a Chinese tenor from Beijing who is currently living in Tallinn, Estonia.

My Tweet: “To make art living, we must live artfully, and that is what I am doing everyday.”

The International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition is one of the most important events for opera singers, coaches, directors, agencies and etc., therefore, it would be more than perfect to be able to perform on this very stage.

In more than 3 decades, The International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition has become a standard of opera singers, thus one of the most important reasons for me to participate at the competition is its artistic level, it is a testing stone for singers to understand their pros and cons, and another main reason is because of its international influences in opera world, all the participants will be able to present themselves in front of the distinguish jury members and international observing agencies who/which will be seeking for new and young talents who have not yet started their careers, that is insanely amazing chance for us.

Desires in both life and career: Here I would like to use a line of Floris Tosca’s aria Vissi d'arte, vissi d’amore. 
Perhaps it is a bit hard to believe, but I have never had a girlfriend in my life yet, so my most desire of my life is to meet her soon, maybe in Dusseldorf in this summer... :-)

My career has always been at the top of my life list, it is not a job, it is not a hobby, since many years ago, it has become part of my pesonal life, therefore I would not like to apart it from my life actually, however, I really hope that I can start my career soon, because my ardent desire for music wishes to share. God gave each one of us an unique gift, and the reason is to let us share with each other instead of keeping and holding it for our own.
Best wishes,
Jie Yin

Qualifying Rounds 2014 - Tokyo, Japan

#Belvedere2014 - Qualifying Round in Tokyo, Japan, on 11 April, see on the Competition Website and the NEW Japanese Facebook Site.


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Atalia Malin

photo made available by the singer
I am a fun, caring, and always smiling Californian coloratura soprano determined to never give up on my dreams!
I participate in the competition because there is nothing I love more than performing for people and sharing a piece of my soul. 
My most ardent desire for my life IS my career... it is to do what I love most as a living; to enter the magical world of performing by being onstage for a living.  That will fulfill my happiness.

Atalia Malin, Soprano, USA


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Mareike Hujo

photo made available by the singer
An einem solch renommierten Gesangswettbewerb teilnehmen zu können, ist für jeden Sänger ein großes Geschenk und eine enorme Chance. Selten hat man die Möglichkeit, sich vor einer so erlesenen Jury zu präsentieren.
Ich freue mich auf eine spannende Zeit, viele neue Impulse und darauf, weitere Schritte in meiner Karriere gehen zu dürfen. Es ist unendlich erfüllend, sich seiner Leidenschaft zur Musik und Bühne widmen zu dürfen und dem Drang, diese mit seinen ganzen Emotionen zu füllen, nachzugeben.

Mareike Hujo, Mezzosopran, Deutschland

#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Elise Charrel

photo made available by the singer
I am Elise Charrel, 19, from France and student at the Science-Po in Paris in the second year. I have been studying for 10 years violin and singing for 4 years as well. 

It´s a great challenge for me to participate in the Belvedere Singing Competition, and I look forward to the qualifying round in Paris on 13 May.

Elise Charrel, Soprano, France

interlude.hk: In touch with Peter Katona, Royal Opera House Covent Garden, London

interlude.hk: As a juror for the Hans Gabor Belvedere International Singing Competition, how do you think this Competition is different from others, both in terms of the selection process/repertoire required and the opportunities it provides prizewinners?

Peter Katona: Well… The jury for the Belvedere Competition is often bigger and more diverse than elsewhere, and competitors hail from all four corners of the world. But any competition needs a degree of luck if it is to produce significant winners. The Belvedere had such luck in 2011 in the shape of Rachel Willis Soerensen, who was herself lucky enough to land two engagements at Covent Garden immediately afterwards...

More on: In touch with Peter Katona by interlude.hk.


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Cabira Jacobsen

photo made available by the singer
When I'm on stage, I'm truly alive. 

Participating in events like the Belvedere Singing Competition 2014 is a great way to further my career towards the goal of singing full-time. 

Europe is the center of the operatic world, so to sing there would be a dream come true!

Cabira Jacobsen, Mezzo-Soprano, USA


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Franziska Buchner

photo made available by the singer
Ich bin gebürtige Berlinerin aber meine Heimat ist die Bühne!

Ich möchte Gleichgesinnte kennen lernen, mich im Präsentieren üben und vielleicht bei einem wundervollen Konzert mitsingen.
Mein größter Wunsch für die Zukunft: Zufrieden sein und möglichst viele Menschen am Zauber von Musik und Schauspiel teilhaben lassen!

Franziska Buchner, Mezzo-Sopran, Deutschland

#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Odufoye D. Babatunde

photo made available by the singer
It would be an opportunity for me to showcase myself. For me, i think Competition motivates people especially young opera singer to do their best, It is also good to put ourselves against others to see where we stand and learn in the process of doing so.

Its a challenge for someone because we get to fine-tune our skills and broaden our knowledge. Competitions are fun also and give room to meet colleagues.

My most ardent desire is to become one of the top counter-tenors in the world and a voice teacher.

Odufoye D. Babatunde, Countertenor, Nigeria


#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Andrew Hiers

photo made available by the singer
I am participating in this year’s Belvedere Competition because it is a fantastic opportunity to further my performing career. The contestants are top caliber artists and I would be honored to call myself a finalist in such a prestigious event.

My goal is to make opera a relative art form to younger generations. Every time I take the stage or talk to individuals about it I strive to let people know how accessible a medium it can be. I want to be a part of the rich performing history that is opera.

Andrew Hiers, Bass-baritone, United States

#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Anna Lindina

photo made available by the singer
I am participant of Belvedere Singing Competition in 2014, because I think this is an incredible opportunity to express themselves at a very high level of performance and music. And also to meet with colleagues from other countries. This is a serious step for a singer who wants to be popular and accepted. 

My dream is to act on global markets with well-known conductors improve their skills and strive to make this world a better and kinder as music. I am convinced, can do wonders to unite the country and people. 

Anna Lindina, Soprano, Russia


Bożena Harasimowicz: It´s my biggest aim for many years to help young singers into an opera career

We like to present now and in future partners of the international qualifying rounds. 
Now:  Welcome to our new partner, Bożena Harasimowicz and the S. Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk, Poland.

"It´s my biggest aim for many years to help young singers into an opera career and it's just an honor to be a partner of such a well known and internationally respected competition,", says Bożena Harasimowicz, Polish vocal artist, graduated with a distinction from the Gdańsk Music Academy in 1989 and presently lecturer and Professor of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk. In 2009, Bożena Harasimowicz established the Impressio Art Management Agency.

The Academy of Music in Gdansk was founded in 1947. More on www.amuz.gda.pl