#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Max von Luetgendorff

photo made available by the singer
I am a young, ascending Tenor who wants to sing, sing, sing!

I participate at the Belvedere Singing Competition 2014, because this contest is an event with high reputation; many great singers sang there and especially today young people need opportunities like this one to be heard. When I read the homepage I really was humbled by the many great artists that took part in this competition. One of them is Peter Edelmann, who now is teaching at the University of Music and performing Arts in Vienna from which I graduated. I really hope that this competition is a chance for me to start a career of singing and joy... for this is what I really hope for.

My most ardent desire ...for my life ...for my career is to sing. To express myself on stage, to be an artist! To be able to sing the roles I am dreaming of, to make that music which fascinated me even as a child. I hope that I might live my dreams and be succsessfull doing so.

Max von Luetgendorff, Tenor, Austria

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