#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Nico Darmanin

Photo made available by the singer

I'm Nico Darmanin a tenor born in the heart of the Mediterranean - Malta. I've heard of the Belvedere Singing Competition since I started my classical training and have always wishes to participate once I felt ready to do so! 

One of my idols Joseph Calleja was a winner of this competition years ago and today is one of the leading tenors in the world who is also Maltese.

I wish to sing because my voice is the instrument I know best how to communicate with. I wish to make music with others and hopefully move audiences with my interpretations. I hope to achieve and be one of the best in the interpretation of Rossini and Mozartian repertoire.

I'm very much excited to take part in this prestigious competition!

Nico Darmanin, Tenor, Malta

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