#Belvedere2014 - Participants in the spotlight: Steponas Zonys

Photo made available by the singer
Hello my name is Steponas Zonys. I am from Lithuania. I study at Klaipeda University arts faculty. At this moment its my second year of bachelor studies.
I am participating in "Belvedere competition" because it is a great competition for beginners to sign a contract and etc. and also to meet other wonderful singers from other countries
I want to sing in many opera houses, concert halls. I love when people are happy when I sing to them. Its very good feeling. Also I want to sing in the best opera houses like (Covent Garden, Metropolitan, Alla Scala etc.)

I also will sing in "Belvedere competition" finals. I will sing more Russian repertoire. Tchaikovsky music is very delicate and now I am practising more of interpretation, not only technically. 

Best regards,

Steponas Zonys, Baritone, Lithuania

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