#Participants_in_the_spotlight_2016 - Masha Salimi, Soprano, Iran

Photo made available by the singer.
My name is Masha Salimi, soprano. I'm from Iran and now am living in Italy.   
To come to Vienna and participate in the contest of Belvedere is an indescribable emotion. I 'm so happy and thankfull to have a chance to sing in such an important contest, a great opportunity that not many of  my people have. I would like to meet so many singers and artists who all are a source of inspiration and motivation for me . 
My goal right now is to find a position where I can grow and take on new challenges over time and in 5 years from now  I’d like to a get involved in more production . But most important: I want to work for the passion and love that i feel inside for music and i 'd like to build a  career on that. Please find me on YouTube.

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