#Belvedere2015 - #ParticipantsInTheSpotlight - Diana Volkova, Mezzo-Soprano, Russia

Photo made available by the singer.
Hello, my dear Hans Gabor Belvedere Competition!!!

I expect from my participation at Belvedere Singing Competition a lot of good impressions and at least some chances for my career.

An artist who gives me always an example, is Great Ballet Dancer Rudolf Nurriev. I respect and  admire him not only as an artist, but also as very strong, disciplined and purposeful person. At that day, when I first time read about him, I've understood, that I want to have the same willpower like he had.

And I know that in four, five or six years, through my energy and luck I'll be everywhere.


Diana Volkova, mezzo-soprano, 25 years old.

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