Belvedere Singing Competition: Success Stories - Jie Yin, Tenor, Beijing, China

We will report regularly about the participants of the International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition, about their ideas, engagments and career steps, on this blog and on our further social media platforms.

Let´s start with Jie Yin, Tenor from Beijing in China, participant of the Final Rounds 2013 in Amsterdam.

Jie Yin in a tweet.
“To be able to make our art living, we must live artfully.”

Jie Yin´s latest steps of career.
The upcoming professional activity of mine is being the tenor solo at G. Verdi’s "Requiem" at Berlin Philharmonic Hall at 8 pm on January 7, 2014. Performance Information on the Berlin Philharmonic Hall Official Website.

Jie Yin: Me in 5 years.
First of all I have to finish my Doctoral studying, and hopefully I will receive my PhD by next summer. Secondly, I wish I will be considered by a good agency or opera house which has really long vision in seeing things, so that I will be able to start my career and share my love and thoughts for music with others. Eventually, the most important thing is to make my life colorful, and I believe opera is the perfect platform for me to share. God gave each one of us an unique gift, and the reason isn’t for any of us to keep that gift, the reason of its is to share with others.

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